e-Health Prevention - Well Check Visits

What is an annual well-check visit?
A well-check visit, often called an annual physical or check up, is a preventative measure and a time for communication with your physician. Learn more.

Why should I have a well check every year?
A well-check visit can help detect medical issues early. Plus your physician can run routine screenings to be certain you are in good health. Learn more.

Who should have an annual well-check?
Well-checks should begin upon birth. This is when infants receive their vaccinations and their weight is monitored. Well-checks should continue through the pediatric and teen years and continue throughout a person’s lifetime. Learn more.

Do well-checks vary with men and women? 
Yes well-checks differ with men and women. There are some tests specifically for men and some for women. Learn more.

If you have not scheduled your yearly well check visit, we encourage you to do so.

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