How can an individual help lower their risk of developing diabetes?

Now I want to mention how we can prevent or reduce our risk to develop diabetes or at least to keep it under control – this is a key point. Sometimes people think they cannot fight the disease and it’s a very big mistake because they definitely can. The disease can control you or you can control the disease. If you give yourself several months to be on a strict diet and exercise, just following the recommendations we will give you, that you might definitely see a big difference in your own wellbeing/condition and in the very important numbers. We have to keep your hemoglobin A1C below 7 and your morning blood sugar should be below 100. From 90s to 110 would be perfect numbers. I’m talking about people with diabetes. Pre-diabetes I would like to see a little bit lower numbers but if it goes below 70 it might be dangerous for the body so keep orange juice ready or hard candy or sugar pill which you can buy at any pharmacy over the counter. If you start having symptoms of being dizzy, light-headed, passing out sensation, trembling these might be symptoms of a drop in blood sugar too low. Even if you don’t have blood sugar machine with you, you need to take your sugar pill or hard candy to bring up your blood sugar numbers a little bit because it’s not as dangerous to have your blood sugar a little bit on the high side as to drop it too low. So it’s always about getting your blood sugar diabetes not only high blood sugar numbers but low as well. To keep it in the therapeutic range as I already mentioned.

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