What foods or superfoods should people with diabetes focus on during the holidays?

We live in a real life and we know the holiday season is around the corner and we need to avoid the temptation to avoid some foods and even the traditional foods and we know how we like it. But we have to be little more careful and here are some recommendations. If you can switch potato for sweet potato it would definitely be beneficial. We can definitely do that. Or you can eat any vegetables or salads as much as you can. It’s definitely going to be helpful. It will reduce some of the fat absorbed into your body as well as carbohydrates. Instead of baked products I would go with fruits and fruit salad. Some fruits are going to be very healthy and we’re talking about strawberries, peaches, blueberries (any kind of berries would be beneficial). I would warn you to not take too many grapes because they are loaded with simple sugar, glucose which is just sugar. Watermelon is definitely recommended. Watermelon is very rich in iron as well and that has a mild diuretic effect which works as a water pill but not as a chemical medication and at the same time you can even bring down your blood pressure down a little because very often diabetes goes together with high blood pressure so fruit is definitely recommended. Another recommendation is some citrus. Grapefruit is definitely one of them.

Definitely you all know it is difficult to follow the advice that we have to limit any dessert like candies, cakes, cookies. We all love it and definitely soda, that’s another thing that we must avoid that. It is recommended that if you like iced tea you get unsweetened iced tea. If you like juices, it’s not a good thing as well unless it’s natural without any sugar added. Sometimes you can find the products when you can see ‘no sugar added’ and it might not be a very good thing because no regular simple sugar added but corn syrup which is a more offending product. Try to avoid those too. Alcohol is another very offending factor. I would ask you to stay away from alcohol or at least to limit it as much as you can because alcohol definitely has a pathway to interfere with the sugar digestion and definitely will not work out for you as well. I would ask you to stick to my recommendations and I want your holiday season to be wonderful. We can always find how to enjoy food and holiday season without harming our body.

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